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Hinthada University Research Journal Vol.9, No.1, 2018

Table of Contents

Sr.No.   Title

1. အာမနာကျောင်းအမ၏ ဆုတောင်းကဗျာမှ ဇော်ဂျီ၏အတွေးအမြင်၊ ဌေးဌေးရီ

2. အင်းဝခေတ်ဝတ္ထုစကားပြေအရေးအသားလေ့လာချက်၊  အေးအေးသန်း

3. ၁၆ ရာစု မြန်မာကျောက်စာအချို့မှ သက္ကတမွေးစားစကားလုံးများ လေ့လာချက်၊ နီနီတင်

4. A Study on Literary Devices of the Poem “The Voice” by Thomas Hardy, Seinn Moht Moht Aung

5. Analysing the short story “The Open Window” by Saki Using the Functional Approach, Lei Lei Khaing

6. Challenges on Rural Development: Case Study of Hinthada Township, Kyaw Min Htike et al.,

7. Geographic Study on Asparagus Cultivation of Hinthada Township, Than Htike Aung et al.,

8. Geographical Analysis on Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Pathein Township, Moh Moh Khaing et al.,

9. A Study of the Ethical Value as Reflected in the Kosala Saṁyutta, Nu Nu Yin

10. Four Kinds of Sublime Dhamma Practices (Brahmacariya), Khin Moe Hlaing

11. Preparation and Characterization of Enamel Paint, Chit Su Myat Noe Kyi Lwin et al.,

12. Study on Colour Removal of Organic Dyes (Methylene Blue and Congo Red ) by Using Coconut Husk, Htet Myat Aung et al.,

13.  Nutritional Value and Antioxidant Activity of Fruit of Dillenia indica L. (Tha-byu) From Hinthada Township, Thandar Soe et al.,

14. Degradation of Dye in Wastewater by Synthesized Manganese (III) Oxide Nanoparticles, Khin Su Su et al.,

15. https://hu.edu.mm/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/15_Phys_01_May-Thwe-Soe.pdfVibrational Analyses of PO4 and NH4 in NH4-KH2PO4 (AKDP) Crystals by using FTIR Spectroscopy, May Thwe Soe

16. Study on the Morphology and Molecular Vibration of Biphasic Biomaterials from White Coral (AnthozoaCnidria) by SEM and FTIR Analysis, Khin Myat Thu et al.,

17.  Fabrication of Monolithic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell, Khin Thida Aung et al.,

18.  Fabrication of TiO2-Cu2O Nanowire Photoelectrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Natural Chlorophyll Dyes, Zaw Htet Aung et al.,

19.  Abstract Cones by Means of Monoid, Khin Moe Yee et al.,

20.  Finite Difference Method for Elliptic Partial Differential Equation, Thet Thet Soe et al.,

21. Path Connectedness, Aye Thida Myint et al.,

22. Occurrence of Some Beetle Species in Mezaligone Environs at Hinthada District, Sa Soe Shwe et al.,

23. The Study on Scales of Some Bony Fishes in Hinthada Markets, Nilar Soe et al.,

24.  The Seasonal Population Fluctuation of Insect Pests and Natural Enemies of Brinjal Cultivated in Hinthada Environs, Thin Thin Nwe

25. Growth Rate of Angelfish, Pterophyllum Sp. Feeding by Beef Heart and Dry Pellets, Khin Sandar Htay et al.,

26. Botanical and Phytochemical Studies on Leaves of Vitex Trifolia L. (Kyaung -Ban), Aye Yu Mon et al.,

27. Study on Mong Kung Paper Industry in Mong Kung Township, Win Win Myint et al.,

28. Study on Antimicrobial Metabolite Producing Fungi Isolated from Mangrove Plants, Ei Theingi Lwin et al.,

29.  Identification of the morphological characters of some nodules belonging to the Fabaceae family, Yee Yee Than

30. Gold Mineralization in Latpan Byant Area, Thabeikkyin Township, Mandalay Region, Myanmar, Myo Myint Myat et al.,


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