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Hinthada University Research Journal Vol. 12, No. 2, 2022

 Table of Contents

 Sr No   Title

1. Characterization and Sorption Properties of Palm Milk (Htan Nui) for the Removal of Pb2+and Cr3+ Ions from Aqueous Solutions, Tin Htwe Mu

2. Analysis of Cytotoxic Activity of Some Folkloric Medicinal Plants as Used for Cough Treatment, Yin Yin Myint and Yin Yin May Maung

3. Investigation of antimicrobial activities of endophytic fungi from the leaves of Averrhoa bilimbi L. and Averrhoa carambola L., Myint Myint Soe and Moe Pa Pa

4. Removal of Cu (II) ion from Aqueous Solution by Chitosan (Shrimp Shell), Nyein Nyein Ei and Kyaw Lin Soe

5. Determination of Nutritional Values and Elemental Compositions in Monopterus albus (Swamp eel) from Hinthada District, Wah Wah Paing and Kay Khaing Myint

6. Transfer Characteristic and Device Quality of PTA10 Gated Field Effect Transistor (FET) for One Transistor (1T) of FRAM Applications, Lei Lei Aung, Khaing Khaing Myat, Sabel and Phyu Phyu Latt

7. Sequential Timer Control System to Facilitate the Vipassana Meditation, Sandar Oo, Zaw Lwin, Naw Yin Nyein Chit and Lae Yin Mon

8. Creation of the Environmental Conditions of an Automatic Greenhouse Control System, Sein Mya Mya, Lei Lei Aung, Sandar Oo, and Cho Cho Htay Aung

9. PIC Microcontroller Based Automatic Doorbell Circuit by Using Ultrasonic Sensor and LDR, Khin Kyu Kyu Han, Nyein Chan Aung and Lei Lei Aung

10. Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Powder by Sol-Gel Method, Hein Min Htun, Lei Lei Aung, Zaw Htet Aung and Aye Chan May

11. Monitoring of Radon Concentration for Different Building Types in Hinthada, Zarli Myint Kyaw, Hnin Yu Hlaing, Win Win Than and Mya Sapail Kyaw

12. Some Concepts of Posets, Swe Swe Yu, Zon Zon Naing and May Myat Thu

13. Study of Regression Techniques with their Some Applications, Khine Wah Wah Latt, Mya Mya Thin and Hnin Moh Moh Tun

14. Occurrence of Some Spider Species in Laymyethna Township , Ayeyawady Region, Naw Mae May Phaw, Aye Myat Mon and Mu Mu Aung Soe

15. Seasonal Abundance of Prawn Species from Taunggoke Market, Taunggoke Township, Rakhine State, Soe Soe Htay

16. Seasonal Occurrence of Fish Species and Fishing Gears Utilized in Nat Min Chaung Inn (Lake), Singu Township, Mandalay Region, Swe Swe Thant

17. Investigation on Cladoceran and Rotifer Groups In Duya Inn, Hinthada Township, Su Wai Hnin, Min Zaw Latt and Swe Swe Win

18. Induced Breeding of Barbodes Gonionotus (Bleeker, 1850), Pond of Hinthada Department of Fishery, Hinthada Township, Ayeyawady Region, Swe Swe Win, Aye Aye Than and Su Wai Hnin

19. Species Richness, Distribution and Conservation Status of Some Fish from Segment of Ayeyawady River in Zalun Township, Phoo Lay Wer and Lei Lei Oo

20. Isolation and Effect of Ages and Sizes of Endophytic Fungus TFO-07 on Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Khin Thida Swe, Khaing Thazin and Hla Myo Thein

21. Preliminary Isolation of Soil Fungi at Tha-Yet-Kone Village in Hinthada Township, Soe Thuya, Hnin Yu Hlaing and Swe Swe Myat

22. Isolation of Bacteria from Tobacco Cultivated Soils at Gaung-Say-Kyun Village, Khine Khine Oo and Mar Mar Aung

23. Study on Morphological, Phytochemical and Physico-chemical Characterization of Ardisia humilis Vahl. (Kyet-ma-oke), Aye Thandar Phyoe and Khin Thu Zar Myint

24. Isolation of Rhizobium from Vermicomposts and Testing with Effects on Germination of Rice, Hay Mar Win and Thin Thin Oo

25. Botanical and Phytochemical Studies on Leaves of Passiflora foetida L. (Taw-suka), Linn Zar Ni Aung and Sabai

26. Study on the Morphological Characters and Medicinal Uses of Six Selected Species in Hinthada University Campus, Ohnmar, Ni Ni Lwin and May Thazin Tun

27. Study on Morphological Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities of Powdered Leaf of Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) Spreng. (Tha-byet), Htet Wai Lwin, Khin Thuzar Myint and Soe Thuya

28. Floristics Study of Angiosperm Sympetalae Wild Plants in Hinthada Township, May Thazin Tun and Ni Ni Lwin

29. Soil Fungi from Four Different Places at Hinthada Township in Ayeyarwaddy Region, May Zin Phoo and Aye Pa Pa Aung

30. Petrography and Provenance Study of Letkat Sandstones (Early Miocene) in Paluzawa Area, Kalewa Township, Sagaing Region, Zaw Lin Phyo, Zin Mar Oo, Chaw Zar Chi Aye, Nway Nway Ei, Hla Ya Min and Yar Zar Phyo

31. Geomorphological Changes of the Lower Ayeyawady River, Kyauk Ye – Zalun Reach, Ayeyawady Region, Tun Tun Min, Chaw Su Hlaing, Mon Mon San, Soe Khaing Lin

32. Geology and Petrographical Characteristics of Metamorphic Rock Units Exposed in Zingyaik Area, Paung Township, Mon State, Nay Linn Naing, May Thwe Aye, Khaing Khaing Thet Lwin and Zaw Lin Phyo

33. The Effect of Leader Power on Conflict Handling Styles of Human Resource Professionals in Private Businesses in Yangon, Su Hlaing Oo and Eaint Thet Hmoo Khaing

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