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Hinthada University Research Journal Vol.10, No.1, 2019

Table of Contents

Sr.No.   Title

1. သိကြားတိုင်တေးထပ်နှစ်ပုဒ်မှ ဦးပုည၏ ကဗျာဉာဏ်ရည်၊ ဌေးဌေးရီ

2. Assessing the Impact of Climate Change and Natural Disasters on Residents in Ayeyarwady Region, Khin Kay Khaing, Saw Yu May and Cho Cho Myint

3. Primary Economic Activities in the Islands between Ngawun and Thetkethaung Rivers, Ngaputaw Township, Cho Cho Myint and Khin Kay Khaing

4. Life of Woman in the Pre-Buddhist and Buddhist Periods in India, Soe Mya Hla Thu Zar

5. A Study of Teacher-pupil Relation in Pāḷi Literature, San San Win and Ei Phyu Pyar Kyaw

6. The Key Role of Sakka in Support Buddha’s Sāsanā, Ei Phyu Pyar Kyaw and San San Win

7.  Isolation of Soil Fungi Collected from Hinthada University Campus and Their Enzyme Activity, Moe Moe Aye

8. Study on Preliminary Phytochemical Investigation and Antibacterial Activity of Curcuma Longa L. (Na-Nwin), Ei Ei Khaing

9. Study on Chemical Analysis and Antioxidant Activity from Fruit of Piper retrofractum Vahl. (Peik- chin-lay), San San Lae and Ei Ei Khaing

10. Remote and Autonomous Controlled Robotic Vehicle Based on Arduino with Real Time Obstacle Detection and Avoidance, Aye Min and Win Win Thein

11. Study on Extraction and Characterization of Chlorophyll Dyes from Spinach, Ivy gourd and Bottle gourd Leaves, Zaw Htet Aung and Win Win Thein

12.  Assessment of Heavy Metals Content in Hun’s Eggs, Naing Naing Oo and Win Win Thein

13. Flow Past an Ellipse, Nila Swe, Khin Lay Nyo Nyo and Ni Lar Lwin

14. A Way to Solve System of Linear Equations by Means of Norm of Linear Mapping, Theinge Hlaing, Khin Khin Moe Tun and Khin San Lwin

15.  Abundance of some moths in Hinthada University Campus, Soe Soe Naing, Aye Thida Min, Thin Thin Nwe, Wai Zin Min and Ei Ei Khaing

16.  Occurrence of some Commercial and Non-Commercial Fish Species in Inn-Yegyi Lake, Kyonpyaw Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Sa Soe Shwe, Yi Yi Win, Nilar Soe, Aye Mon Sann and San San Htay5

17.  Isolation of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from the Rhizosphere of Vigna catjangWalp (Cow pea), Wai Zin Min, Aye Aye Cho, Kyaw Myo Naing, Soe Soe Naing and Min Zaw Latt

18. The Effect of Various Organic and Biofertilizers on Growth and Yield of Vigna Mungo (L.) Hepper (Black Gram), Marlar

19.  Study on the Antimicrobial Activities and Utilization of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources for Fermentation of Soil Fungi, Naw Nwe Nwe Soe

20. Study on Morphological Characters of Some Hydrophytic Plants Species in Hinthada  Township, Sandar, Khin Thu Zar and San San Tun

21.  Petrochemical Characteristics of Granitic Rocks in Leiktho-Naplawkaw Area, Thandaung Township, Karen State, Chaw Su Hlaing, Myat Thuzar Soe and Tun Tun Min

22. River Geomorphological Changes of the Duya-Inn and Surrounding Area, Tun   Tun   Min, Sandy Than Han and Han Myo Hset

23. Spatial Distribution Pattern of Tea Shops in Bago Town, Mon Mon San, Naw Thitagu Myintzu Htun and Naw Thin Phyu Phyu Htwe

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