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Hinthada University Best Research Paper Award Seminar Research Journal July, 2020

Sr No    Contents

1. A Move Analysis of Abstracts from Hinthada University Research Journal, Phyo Su Paing

2. Aung San Su Kyi’s Role Among the United States, China, and Domestic Dilemmas in Myanmar’s Democratic Transition, Khin Myat Kyaw Thu

3. The Syntactic Functions of Prepositional Phrases in Sentences Found in the Short Story “The Open Window” by Saki, Htun Win, San San Maw

4. Effectiveness of Using Cooperative Learning Approach to Have Students Engaged in Learning Short Stories, Wai Mon Naing

5. Characteristics of Shale Oil Potential in the Late Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation in the Gulong Sag, Northern Songliao Basin, Northeast China, Thandar Aung, Jiang Zai Xing

6. Solid Waste Dumping Problems in Hinthada Town, Kyaw Min Htike, Myat Yazar Soe, Ei Ei Phyoe

7. Investigation on Temperature Dependence on C-V Characterization of ZnO-Cu2O Thin Films, Zaw Htet Aung, San Yu Maw, Naing Naing Oo, Cho Cho Htay Aung, Win Win Thein

8. Investigation of Elemental Analysis, Antimicrobial Activity and Antioxidant Activity of the Male Flower of Papaya (Carica papaya L.), Khin Thandar Shwe, Ei Ei Khaing, Ohn Mar Tin, Moe Moe Aye

9. Study on Nutrient Elements, Essential Oil and Antimicrobial Activity of Citrus hystrix DC. Peel, Ei Ei Khaing, Cho Cho Than, Ohn Mar Tin

10. Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Purified Drinking Water in Hinthada Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region, Naing Naing Oo, Win Win Thein, Zaw Htet Aung, Omma Sein, Cho Cho Mya

11. A Geographical Study of Flooding in Laymyethna Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Cho Cho Myint, Khin Kay Khaing, Saw Sandar Win

12. Morphological characterization, phytochemical investigation and starch isolation of Amorphophallus bulbifer Blume. (Wa.u), Khin Thu Zar Myint, Sandar

13. Geographic Assessment on Water Uses in Hinthada Town, Ayeyarwady Region, Lè. Lè. Win, Moh Moh Khing, Yin Minn Soe, Ni Ni Khaing, Thi Thi Htut

14. Study on Bioactive Metabolites of n-BuOH extracts from the Fermented Broth of Penicillium purpurogenum (MF-12) against Candida albicans, Moe Moe Aye, Yin Yin Mya, Nant Si Si Htay, Khin Thandar Shwe

15. Artificial Bat Roosts of Lesser Asiatic Yellow Bat, Scotophilus kuhlii (Leach, 1821) in Zalun Township, Aye Mon Sann, Khaing Wai Oo, Lai Lai Tun, Min Zaw Latt, Moe Moe Khine

16. Species Occurrence and Abundance of some Crabs from Chaungtha Environs, Pathein Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Soe Soe Naing, Ei Ei Khaing, Lai Lai Tun, Kathy Myint, Yi Yi Win

17. Occurrence of some beetle species in Taunggoke Degree College Campus, Taunggoke Township, Thandwe District, Rakhine State, Sa Soe Shwe, Nilar Soe, Min Zaw Latt, Win War War Kyaw, Yi Yi Win

18. Isolation of Endophytic Fungi from Three Citrus Plants and their Antimicrobial Activities, Myint Myint Than, Zar Zar Yin

19. ဖေမြင့်၏နှလုံးသားအာဟာရ ရသစာစုများမှဘဝအသိ၊ ချယ်ရီထွန်း

20. The Concept of Moral Responsibility in Mencius’ Philosophy, May Sabei Khin

21. Studying Progressive Wave Motion from Mathematical Point of View, Marlar Thwin

22. Threefold Refuge (Tisaraṇagamana), Ei Phyu Pyar Kyaw 

23. Taxonomic Study of Some Selected Species in Family Fabaceae, Sandar, Thida Oo, Khin Thu Zar Myint, Yin Yin Waing, Thant Zaw Win

24. လင်္ကာရည်ကျော်၏ နေညိုကမ်းနဖူးဝတ္ထုတိုများမှ စာရေးသူ၏ စေတနာနှင့်အတွေးအမြင်များ၊ နွဲ့နွဲ့ရီ

25. မင်းသုဝဏ်၏ ကလေးကဗျာများမှ ကျေးလက်သဘာဝဝန်းကျင်ဆိုင်ရာ ကဗျာများလေ့လာချက်၊ သီတာအောင်



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