Hinthada University

Department of History

Academic Year (First Semester)

Module No Module Name Remark
Hist-611 Contemporary Myanmar I First Semester
Hist-612 Contemporary China First Semester
Hist-613 Traditional State in Mainland Southeast Asia First Semester
Hist-614 Research Methodology and Source of Myanmar History Fist Semester
Hist-631 Proposal for Thesis Title (Research Questions, Literature Reviews, Aims and Objectives, References) First Semester
Hist-632 Presentation based on Proposal First Semester
Hist-633 Research Report Progress (Supervisor) First Semester
Hist 634 Research Paper presentation First Semester

Academic Year (Second Semester)

Module No Module Name Remark
Hist-621 Contemporary Myanmar II Second Semester
Hist-622 Contemporary Europe Second Semester
Hist-623 Contemporary International Relations of Southeast Asia Second Semester
Hist-624 Myanmar Art and Architecture Second Semester
Hist-641 Research Progress and Seminar (Presentation) Second Semester
Hist-642 Thesis and Viva Voce Second Semester

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