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To foster knowledge and a love of literature and of language in our Students


(1) To communicate efficiently in English with anyone who speaks (writes) in English at an international level

(2) To analyse and evaluate English Literature in terms of elements and features of fiction

(3) Toe demonstrate the communicative skills and skills necessary for businesses or professions like translation and interpretation skills presentation skills and public speaking skills


(1) A Study of Lexical Collocations in the Short Story “Eveline” by Jame Joyce

(2) Analysing Deixis Used in the Short Story “Love” by Jesse Stuart

(3) An Analysis of Effective Techniques Used in the Introductions and Conclusions of Five World Leader’s Speeches

(4) Effectiveness of Using Cooperative Learning Approach to have Students Engaged in learning Short Stories

(5) Developing Vocabulary of First Year English Specialization Students Based on the Prescribed Text “Language Leader I”

(6) Assessing the Achievement of First Year Physics Specialization Students’ Reading Skills through Interactive Reading Model


Linguistics, Phonetics, Literature, Stylistics, Semantics, Pragmatics

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