Hinthada University

Department of Zoology (BSc Fisheries Science)

2022-23 Acedemic Year (First Semester)

Module No Module Name Remark
FS-1101 Ichthyology-I First Semester
FS-2101 Fish Diseases First Semester
FS-2102 Types of Aquatic Habitats First Semester
FS-2103 Internship Fist Semester
Zool-2104 Environmental Science First Semester
Zool-2105 Biodiversity First Semester
FS-3101 Sustainability of Fish First Semester
FS-3102 Fish Resources Management First Semester
FS-3103 Fish Migration First Semester
FS-3104 Internship First Semester
Zool-3105 Descriptive Statistics First Semester
FS-4101 Fish Culture First Semester
FS-4102 Pond Construction and Management First Semester
FS-4103 Analysis of Water Quality First Semester
FS-4104 Internship, Seminar First Semester
Zool-4105 Fish Conservation First Semester
Zool-4106 Research Methodology First Semester

2022-23 Acedemic Year (Second Semester)

Module No Module Name Remark
FS-1102 Ichthyology-II Second Semester
Zool-1002 Life Processes and Homeostasis Second Semester
FS-2111 Nutrition Second Semester
FS-2112 Ecology Second Semester
FS-2113 Internship Second Semester
Zool-2114 Aquaculture Second Semester
Zool-2115 Environmental Toxicology Second Semester
FS-3111 Economic importance of fish Second Semester
FS-3112 Fishing Technique Second Semester
FS-3113 Internship Second Semester
FS-3114 Paper report Second Semester
Zool-3115 Inferential Statistics Second Semester
Thesis/Project report Second Semester

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