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Hinthada University Research Journal Vol. 13, No. 2, 2023

Table of Contents

 Sr No     Title

  1. Removal of Water Turbidity Using Tamarind Seed, Yin Yin Myint, Hnin Htet Htet Aung
  2. Study on the Local Copper Ore from Sabai Taung Area, Kyaukse Township, Mandalay Region, Kay Khaing Myint
  3. Investigation of Iron In Edible Parts of Vegetables From Selected Content, Min Thu Yein Hun
  4. Study on Structural Characterization of Magnesium Nanoferrite, Sandar Oo, Hnin Wai Hlaing, Ei Cho Mway, Mya Sabal Kyaw
  5. Analysis of Topaz Gem by Using XRD, SEM and FTIR methods, Mar Mar Yee, Thin Zar Tun, Min Ko Ko
  6. Creation Of The Automatic Car Parking Control System, Sein Mya Mya, Lei Lei Aung, Cho Cho Htay Aung
  7. Radon Concentration in Different Depths of Gold Mine during the Hot and the Cold Season, May Thi Oo, Poe Ou Khin Khin, Min Ko Ko , Wint Wah Wah Hlaing
  8. Structural and Morphological Properties of ZnO-SnO2 Nanocomposite by Sol-Gel Method, Hein Min Htun, Cho Cho Htay Aung, Aye Chan May, Than Htut Aung
  9. Design and Construction of Remote Control System Using Arduino Microcontroller and Joystick Controller, Hay Mar Thu, Sandar Oo, Lae Yin Mon, Nant Hnin Ngwe Aung
  10. Moisture Levels Detecting System By Using Hygrometer Soil Moisture Sensor, Khaing Khaing Soe, Sandar Oo, Eia Di Say, Swe Swe Hlaing
  11. Assessing Radon Concentration Levels in Different Rooms of Buildings in Hinthada, Zarli Myint Kyaw, Aung Myo Min, Myat Myat Maw, Saw Aung Zaw Htet
  12. Design and Construction Of Electronic Various Pests Repeller Circuit, Nyein Chan Aung, Khin Kyu Kyu Han, Lei Lei Aung
  13. Modules with Ascending and Descending Chain Conditions, Nilar Hlaing, Soe Yan Aung
  14. Computing the Existence of Paths within a Digraph by Warshall’s Algorithm, Mya Mya Thin, Myo Nilar
  15. Seasonal Abundance of Some Fish Species in Talokehtaw Market, Hinthada Township, Ayeyawady Region, Soe Soe Htay, May Myat Thwel, Thin Thin Aye
  16. Length-Weight Relationship of Some Freshwater Fish from Ngawun River, Hinthada Township, Ayeyawady Region, Lei Lei Oo, Aye Thizar Maung, Ei Mon
  17. Diversity of Some Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Kanthonesint Lake of Pathein Township, Ayeyawady Region, Mu Mu Aung Soe, Naw Mae May Phaw, Kaythi Moe
  18. Seasonal Abundance of Some Butterfly Species in Hinthada University Campus, Aye Myat Mon, Soe Soe Htay, Aeint Thet Hmue, Thin Thin Aye, Khin Sandar Htay
  19. Species Composition and Relative Abundance of Some Odonate Species in Ingapu Township, Ayeyawady Region, Phyo Pa Pa, Mu Mu Aung Soe, Nant Phyu Phyu Zin
  20. Species Richness of Some Fish in Inn-Ye Gyi Lake of Kyonpyaw Township, Ayeyawady Region, Nant Phyu Phyu Zin, Mu Mu Aung Soe, Phyo Pa Pa
  21. Induced Breeding of Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus, 1758), Pond of Hinthada Department of Fishery, Hinthada Township, Ayeyawady Region, Swe Swe Win, Hsu Wai Hnin, Aye Aye Than
  22. Isolation and Identification of Pathogenic Fungi from Selected Bean Species in Yegyi Township Area, Thin Thin Oo, Bay Dar
  23. Fermentation Optimization of Antibacterial Metabolite Produced By Fungus Kf-05 From Ayadaw Township Area, Kyaw Kyaw Lwin
  24. Phytochemical investigation of albedo of Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr. and its antimicrobial activity, Sagawa Wynn, Ohn Mar Than, Si Si Thein
  25. Isolation of Endophytic Bacteria from Ruellia tuberosa L. and Their Antimicrobial Activities, Khin Thida Swe, Ohn Mar, Aye Pa Pa Aung 
  26. Taxonomic Study of Fourteen Wild Species of Subfamily Faboideae in Hinthada University Campus, Hinthada Township, Thant Zaw Win, Khin Thandar Hlaing, Ni Ni Lwin
  27. Study on the Morphological Characters and Isolation of Endophytic Fungi from Five Medicinal Plants, Khaing Thazin, Khinda Swe, Khin Min Min Phyo
  28. Isolation and Identification of Fungi from Different Agricultural Soils in Hinthada Township, Soe Thuya, Hnin Yu Hlaing, Swe Swe Myat, Khin Thu Zar Myint
  29. Study on Taxonomic Descriptions of Subfamily Mimosoideae belong to family Fabaceae in Hinthada District, Ei Ei Phyo, Ohnmar, May Zin Phoo
  30. Isolation and Morphological Characters of Endophytic Microbes from Some Insulin Plants, Aye Pa Pa Aung, Aye Aye Thant  
  31. Study on Morphological Characters and Phytochemical Screening on the Flowers of Senna siamea Lam. (Mezali), Pyae Phyo Zin, Sabai
  32. Geochemical Investigation and Ore Genesis of Gold Mineralization in Kyathitmyaung Area, Kyaukkyi Township, Bago Region, Myanmar, May Thwe Aye, Kyi Kyi Thwin, Sandi Aye, Nay Lin Naing
  33. Sedimentary Facies Analysis of Letkat Formation (Early Miocene) in Paluzawa Area, Kalewa Township, Sagaing Region, Zaw Lin Phyo, May Thwe Aye, Ko Yi Hla, Chaw Zar Chi Aye, Nway Nway Ei, Yar Zar Phyo
  34. Stress Field Interpretation of the West Bago Yoma Fault System, Myanmar, Tun Tun Min, Sandy Chit Ko
  35. Relationship between Job Demands and Burnout among Lawyers: A Case Study of Yangon Justice Central Law Firm,  Su Hlaing Oo
  36. A Study on the Investigation of Teachers Perception on Comprehensive Sexual Education in Min Hla Township, Sakawah Khaing

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