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Hinthada University Research Journal Vol. 12, No. 1, 2022

Table of Contents

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1. ပျို့စာပေမှ ရသဖန်တီးမှု၊ နွဲ့နွဲ့ရီ

2. မြန်မာဘာသာစကားရှိ မွေးစားစကားလုံးများမှ ဥပစာအသုံးများ၊ စောမြတ်စန္ဒီလွင်

3. Error Analysis of Newly Appointed Non-English Specialization Teachers’ Pronunciation in Pronouncing English Vowels and Consonants in Hinthada University, Tin Moe Moe Win, Mee Mee Ko and Hsu San Htar

4. An Analysis of Translation Strategies Used in Translating Saya Thein Phay Myint’s Short Story “Oil”, Thet ThetAung, Tin Moe Moe Win and May Hnin Soe

5. Farmer Perception of Sustainable Agriculture Practices  in Hinthada Township, Kyaw Min Htike, Myo Oo and Naing Win

6. Changing Agriculture Sector and Cultivation Practices of Zalun Township, Mu Mu Thet, Pan Ei Phyu and Khin Hnin Phyu

7. The Geographical Study of Fisheries in Zalun Township, Myo Oo, Khin Hnin Phyu, Kyaw Min Htike and Naing Win

8. The Role of General Maha Bandula in the Battle of Danubyu in 1825,

Tin Pa Pa Win and Win Win Cho

9. A Study of Rene Descartes’ Pursuit of Certainty, Thet Thet Myint

10. The Role of logical Thinking in Daily Life, Nge lay Khin and Tun Pa May

11. Challenges on Protection of Authors’ Rights in Myanmar, Htike Htike Tun and Kyi Thandar Myint

12. Study on Application of Right of Hot Pursuit in Stealing Fishing in Myanmar, Aye Po Po Paing and Nant Hnin May Lwin



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