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Hinthada University Research Journal Vol 11, No 1, 2021

Table of Contents

Sr No     Title

1. မင်းသုဝဏ်၏ သားချစ်ရင်ဒေါ် ဘာသာပြန်ဇာတ်လမ်းကဗျာ၊ သီတာအောင်

2. လောကထိပ်ပန်မင်စာမှ ဝေါဟာရနှင့် အနက်အဓိပ္ပာယ်လေ့လာချက်၊ အေးအေးသန်း

3. နဝဒေး၏ဘုရားတိုင်ရတုများမှ ဘုရားဘွဲ့များ၊ ညွန့်ညွန့်ဝေ

4. ဝတ္ထုတိုများတွင်တွေ့ရသော အဖြည့်စကားများ၊ စောမြတ်စန္ဒီလွင်

5. ရသစာပေမှ ရသနှင့်အသိအမြင်သဘော၊ Nwet Nwet Yee

6. လူမှုဘဝပုံရိပ်များထင်ဟပ်နေသော မြန်မာကျေးလက်ကဗျာများ၊ မာမာဆွေ

7. A Study of Lexical Collocations in the Short Story “Eveline” by James Joyce, Tin Moe Moe Win and Htun Win

8. Analysing Deixis Used in the Short Story “Love” by Jesse Stuart, San San Maw, Htun Win and Sandar Moe

9. Assessing the Achievement of First Year Physics Specialisation Students’ Reading Skills through Interactive Reading Model, May Kyi Than

10. An Analysis of Effective Techniques Used in the Introductions and Conclusions of Five World Leaders’ Speeches, Wai Mon Naing and Phyo Su Paing

11. Developing Vocabulary of First Year English Specialization Students Based on the Reading Passages in the Prescribed Text “New Language Leader Coursebook 1”, Khine Su Hnin Aung, Ei Ei Chaw and Lei Lei Khaing

12. A Spatial Analysis on Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables Gardening in Pathein City and its Environs, Khin Kay Khaing, Cho Cho Myint and Myint Myint Aye

13. Forest Cover Change in Hintada District, Ayeyarwady Region, Le`. Le`. Win, Moh Moh Khaing, Mya Nyein Nyein, Ni Ni Khaing and Thi Thi Htut

14. Distribution of Filling Stations in Hinthada Town, Ayeyarwady Region

Cho Cho Myint, Saw Sandar Win and Khin Kay Khaing

15. A Geographical Study of Oil-Seeds Cultivation in Yamethin Township,

Soe Soe Maung

16. The Effect of Availability of Water Sources on Summer Paddy Cultivation in Maubin Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Swe Zin Aye and Min Paing

17. A Study of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Idea of “Condemned to be Free”, Khin Myat Mar, Moe Moe Myint and Mar Mar Soe

18. The View of Consciousness in the Heterodox (Nāstika) School, Moe Moe Myint, Khin Myat Mar and Mar Mar Soe

19. A Study of Some Myanmar Proverbs in Myanmar Culture, Mar Mar Soe, Khin Myat Mar and Moe Moe Myint

20. The Concept of Education in Plato’s Philosophy, May Sabei Khin, Aung Ko Zaw and Nge Lay Khin

21. Political Thought of Some Ancient Chinese Philosophers, Aung Ko Zaw and May Sabei Khin

22. A Study on the Sacred Bodhi Tree, Ei Phyu Pyar Kyaw and Cho Nwe Soe

23. The temporary personal attendants of the Buddha, Yin Yin Htay and Kyi Zar Cho

24. Abstaining From Killing (Pāātipāta) and World Peace, Aye Aye Mon

25. Practice of Moral (Sīla Sikkhā) and A Peaceful Society, Chaw Win Thaw

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